Strategic Metals Ltd.

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Stock Holdings

Strategic has acquired shares in a number of resource companies through various sales and option agreements. It has also acquired shares by participating in private placements and by purchases on the open market.

Shares acquired through agreements, private placements and open markets as of Nov. 2, 2020:

Arcus Development Group Inc. 3,133,333
Aloro Mining Corp. 324,152
ATAC Resources Ltd. 3,900,000
Freemont Gold Ltd 91,667
GGL Resources Corp. 16,074,998
GT Gold Corp. 155,000
Midnight Sun Capital Corp. 155,000
New Dimension Resources Ltd. 146,258
Orestone Mining Corp. 117,647
Precipitate Gold Corp. 20,391,327
Rockhaven Resources Ltd. 69,770,212*
Silver Predator Corp 403,400
Silver Range Resources Ltd. 15,263,673
Terra CO2 Technologies Ltd.
Trifecta Gold Ltd.

Shares acquired through the investment fund as of Nov. 2, 2020:

Arcus Development Group Inc. 70,500
Carlin Gold Corp. 450,000
Fanlogic Interactive Inc. 899
Indigo Exploration Inc. 50,000
Lake Winn Resources Corp. 45,000
New Dimension Resources Ltd. 40,000
Norden Crown Metals Corp. 133,333
Orestone Mining 50,000
Solidus Gold Inc. 1,000,000*

*Some portion of shareholding currently in escrow.

Disclaimer: Some shares listed above may have subsequently been sold, and additional shares may have been purchased or acquired. The Company's policy is to sell shares when it sees attractive pricing and good liquidity. The above numbers are un-audited and change frequently.